Journey to the Cross

Videographer and Editor, Logan Moeller gives Carmen Hailey final instructions as she gets ready for her scene.

We invite you to join us on a Journey to the Cross. Experience the road to Calvary and the path to the empty tomb in this experiential event that deepens your appreciation for the Passion of Christ. Touch, taste, smell, see, hear, and experience Bible events in real and memorable ways.

Your tour guide will take you to Holy Land stations to meet people portraying Bible characters who describe Passion events. Our intention is to host this event annually and invite the people of our community to join us. Due to current health guidelines we are not able to do so this year, so we decided to share this story virtually.

Introduction to Journey to the Cross ~ Episode 1 of 12

Mary Anoints Jesus for His Burial ~ Episode 2 of 12

Why Does He Need a Donkey? ~ Episode 3 of 12

A Palm Sunday Parade ~ Episode 4 of 12

30 Silver Coins ~ Episode 5 of 12

The Master Washes His Servants’ Feet ~ Episode 6 of 12

Tasting Passover Food ~ Episode 7 of 12

Visiting the Garden of Gethsemane ~ Episode 8 of 12

Jesus’ Arrest and Suffering ~ Episode 9 of 12

I Nailed Jesus to the Cross ~ Episode 10 of 12

Woman at the Cross ~ Episode 11 of 12

Report from the Empty Tomb ~ Episode 12 of 12

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