Song of the Samaritan Leper

“The Gathering of the Ten Lepers” by James Tissot
There were ten of us waiting, each of us a pariah.
Jews and a Samaritan, waiting for the Messiah. 
The only thing that united us, our horrible affliction.
He headed to Jerusalem, to cross and crucifixion.

Standing at a safe distance, raising our voice to be heard,
Crying out for His mercy, the One who’d heal with a word.
“Go show yourselves to the priests” was Jesus’ simple command.
They’d verify the healing, let us back into the clan.

Onward to Jerusalem, Christ’s living word took effect.
We suddenly were healed, no sore, no scar, no defect.
Our leper days were over, no more loneliness, no shame  
We’d soon be with our family, the house that bears God’s name.

Suddenly I realized, God’s temple was in this place. 
In Jesus, God was present, with mercy, love, and grace.
It was He who made me clean, He who made my life complete.
I praised the Lord, giving thanks, I fell down at Jesus’ feet.

“Were not ten cleansed?” He asked. “Then, where are the other nine?”
“Did no one think to praise God except this Samaritan?”
Spoke to me, this holy One, who would conquer death and hell.
“Rise and go your way,” He said, “your faith has made you well.”

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